Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Sounds of Heaven

God has given my a heart for the beautiful nations, tribes, and people groups. Psalm 46:10, says the following: Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations. This song defiantly exalts God throughout His many nations and tribes. I am thankful for God's beautiful sounds glorifying Him in sweet harmony. How great is our God that He made each of us so different and in His own image. Heaven is going to be spectacular!

The splendor of the King
Clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice,
All the earth rejoice

Sidney Mohede (Indonesian):
Terang-Nya bersinar
Kegelapan t'lah sirna
Sujudlah pada-Nya
Sujudlah pada-Nya

Roma Kasevich (Russian):
Наш Бог так велик! (Nash Bog Tak Velik)
Пой со мной (Poi tso Mnoi)
Наш Бог так велик! (Nash Bog Tak Velik)
Пусть видят все (Pust vidyat vse)
Наш Бог, наш Бог так велик! (Nash Bog, Nash Bog, Tak Velik)

Age to age he stands
And time is in His Hands
Beginning and the End,
Beginning and the End

Marcos Witt (Spanish):
Los tres en uno son
La santa trinidad
Cordero y el león
Cordero y el león

+With Fernandinho (Portuguese):
Cuan grande es mi Dios + Quão grande é o meu Deus
Cuan grande es mi Dios
Y todos lo verán
Cuan grande es mi Dios

Jing Hui (Mandarin):
我神真偉大, (wo shen zhen wei da)
歌頌祢聖名, (ge shou ni shen ming)
真偉大, (zhen wei da)
全地都看見, (quan li dou kan jian)
我神真偉大。(wo shen zhen wei da)

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