Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Camp Litsemba

Litsemba means HOPE! I am so excited to be teaching the kids this week about an amazing HOPE in Jesus Christ. We have an amazing curriculum for Camp Litsemba. During Camp Litsemba, we are partnering with a church in an area. Heart for Africa and the church are partnering together to provide food with a garden and spiritual lessons for the kids in that area. The church I am going to is the Emtfuntini Church. The church is in the Hhohho region in Mgungundlova-Hhohho.

Poverty and hunger are serious issues in this community. The garden that is in use has a problem with goats eating the food. We are helping by fencing off the garden. Camp Litsemba will happen for around 15 kids ages 2-5 years old. They will learn amazing truths. The three truths they will learn are the following:

Jesus LOVES me!
Jesus CHOSE me!
Jesus is my HOPE!

We have exciting activities and Bible stories to teach the above truths! I LOVE the curriculum!!! It is going to be an amazing experience to show the children through actions, love, and words that there is a HOPE in Jesus Christ no matter what! I can't wait to let my LIGHT SHINE and see how I am used for His glory!

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